Aug 05

In today’s busy world, we don’t give a first thought to the basic school supplies and machines we use, let alone a second thought. They are ubiquitous. Some have already become obsolete.

They weren’t always around, and like most things, office products were born out of the same innovative spirit that brought the industrial revolution.

I present Office Wonders on Modern Marvels:

Writing Implements:

I can’t imagine life without pencils and pens, or hi-liters…or markers.

Scotch Tape:

We have multiple rolls of Scotch tape at home and at the office. How did people live without it?

Paper Fasteners:

I guess there wasn’t as much need for paper clips, etc., until there was a lot more paper. The industrial revolution spawned the large increase in paperwork, something we are still trying to reduce.

Copy Machines

It’s hilarious that the Harvard Business School’s research determined there was no real market for the Xerox machine. Then Xerox successfully rented and then sold tens of thousands of the machines when they became available.

So much for market research. It’s not always accurate. Sometimes people have to use something for a little while before they see just how useful it is. I can’t imagine life without FedEx Kinko’s and copiers.


When I was in college, we typed our papers with typewriters. Taking typing class in high school provided a much-needed skill we would need. I didn’t imagine I would be typing most all day every day, not on a typewriter, but on a computer keyboard. My typing teacher would be pleased that my speed is above 85 words/minute. When I finished typing class 33 years ago, my speed was 34 words/minute.

Do any of you still have a typewriter in your house? Perhaps a parent used one in college? Ask and look around. They’re still fantastic for envelopes when your printer’s envelope function gets jammed.

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